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personal training

Nothing beats face to face coaching, in an environment built for you to succeed.  With a private, distraction-free environment, we can focus on developing your functional movement, increasing your strength, and building unbeatable conditioning. Regardless of your training focus, you have access to all the gear you'll ever need, and the best part - no distractions to pull you from training! Together we will work towards crushing your fitness goals, and achieve results.

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Evidence-Based TRAINING

Your training shouldn’t be based off random Tiktok workouts or fad programming with no purpose or clear direction to achieving your goals.

 The training I offer is evidence-based, ensuring that every aspect of your programming is rooted in proven scientific principles. I am to provide you with the most effective and efficient path towards your objectives. ensuring you reach your fitness goals safely and sustainably.


I have invested years of training in Corrective Exercise, Exercise Recovery, Sports Nutrition, Tactical Conditioning, OCR Prep, and Run Coaching so you receive all thats required to reach your fitness goals. With a comprehensive skill set, and years of experience, I offer an approach to fitness that addresses every facet of your journey. I aim to deliver results that go beyond your expectations.


Consistency and Accountability are the cornerstones of any successful training program. Have you ever started a program with tons of motivation only to lose momentum after a few days or weeks?

I'll help you overcome this hurdle by teaching you the strategies to stay committed and disciplined from start to finish. Your fitness goals are within reach, but they won't be achieved unless you consistently put in the work. Together as a team, we'll relentlessly pursue your goals and get the results you've been working for.

Training specialties

Tactical Fitness


Train towards your  CPAT, and FPAT (OFAI) physical testing, and get prepared for the demands of the job.



Prep for Ability Works, Sibley, and all service testing. When you're responsible for the lives of others, fitness is non negotiable!


Law Enforcement

Train for success on the PREP Test and annual Fit Pin tests, and ensure your body is ready to protect & serve your community. 

Functional fitness


First and foremost, before any starting any specialty training we need to make sure you can move functionally. Improper form during exercise is the main cause of most training injuries, which is why I teach Functional Fitness. The goal is to ensure you have the ability & mobility to move and operate without pain, and have the foundations to train efficiently for the long term. This includes corrective exercise training, and exercise recovery to ensure proper form during your sessions. With corrected movements + exercise recovery, we will improve your functional capabilities both in the gym & throughout life. 

Obstacle Course Prep

Get ready to dominate your next obstacle course race! No matter what the course throws your way, or what race you're facing, we'll build the skills and techniques necessary for you to succeed. From Spartan races to Tough Mudders and everything in between, my obstacle course prep training will have you feeling confident and capable, and ready to tackle it all.

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